Week 2


Monday out at Bannockburn Road with Wayne (Instructor) presenting a class room over view of pruning followed by the day spent in the orchard pruning apple and pear trees a difficult apple to prune

Mildew on appleMildew on apple tree


Tuesday morning with Gillian (Instructor) cane pruning on Chardonay  and spur pruning on Pinot Noir vines.

my spur pruning row This is number 4 row of Chardonnay vines I pruned and will monitor its growth and fruiting cycle over the next 12 months. I will make a specific page for this observation.


Wednesday pruning apples and pears with Alex (Tutor). Class room theory and then clearing out black currants and young cherry trees and then rotary hoeing the beds. Tractor work, lots of shovel activity. Rain and wind dampened the end of the day but jobs got done.

Thursday the pruning expedition to Arther’s Point was cancelled due to inclement weather. So with a change of plans there was a lot of activity preparing beds, planting apricots, rabbit proofing and laying water lines..Michael, Claire and me a good days work

IMG_0657IMG_0660IMG_065819mm poly pipe and fittings


I started on a spreadsheet approach to the last weeks weather info.



SAM_2730 SAM_2731 Planted out a row of recycled Bannockburn Road Blackcurrant bushes.….will set up a irrigation system later..

ToolResterAs I was digging and planting today I (as always as I do jobs like this ) got sick and tired of putting shovels etc on the ground then having to pick them up. So, I figured whats need is a portable tool rest!…especially as a Health and Safety innovation….I’m looking for seed money if anyone interested?….


weather 28july




2 responses to “Week 2

  1. Cool entry for Week 2…lots of lateral thinking as well as recording your actual activities. Maybe some details of difference between spur and cane pruning?


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