Week 4


Monday and Tuesday at main campus libary working on Enterprise project. I am looking at the operations of the nursery complex. Otago Polytechnic

Wednesday, at Bannockburn Road spent the morning setting out and then planting cherry trees in the new rotary hoed line between the over head netting poles, the marking out for the trees caused a bit of confusion at first but worked out in the end. Continued to work on the new tree lines after lunch. Everything done except for the finishing of the irrigation lines.

A Polytech audit team came to speak with the students to guage who things were going. In all it was mostly felt that the coarse was beneficial and that students felt supported etc. I did raise the issue of Health and Safety practice being an ongoing and constant practice rather than just a term 1 week experience. Especially for mid year intake people. One of the Diploma students gave her perspective of what she had got out of her studies as to what her current employment gave her. All in all it was a productive positive meeting.

SAM_2799  SAM_2801  SAM_2800 The two Diploma students supervised the work. Spacing the trees and lining them up, planting correctly with the graft facing into the wind, pruning where necessary and then tieing down the branches NSEW with ground anchors and baling twine tied with a slip knot etc.


Thursday morning spent in a short class room chat on our vegetable presentations we have to deliver. I was late to class due to having to go purchase a spiffy pair of work pants!…at $200 the pants will out last me for sure.  Later after some thought I have decided to do Asparagus. I also made some time to do the online Literacy and Numeracy assessment that is obligatory for students and thats an hour of my life I will never see again.

Spent some time in the Nursery shed seeding out Basil and Chives. Seed pots etc to the Number 1 Green House for incubation….Got some pots of basil as a treat! …..SAM_2805   SAM_2806

After lunch there was a spot of joinery to make a compost bin…..use of small tools by people who have not had any experience is dangerous, an initial lesson in practical Health and Safety and correct use of small tools (hammer and saw) I think is definatly required. On this subject I would also add that when required to use a saw then provsion has to be made to enable a person to saw timber safely; saw horses and clamps at a minimum. It became obvious that due to inexperience many people could not saw or hammer safely and or efficently, also people did not understand the correct use of a tape measure or were they experienced enough to figure out the dimensions required in the spacing material. MEASURE TWICE CUT ONCE!

A simple set of compost bin plans is required……..SAM_2809

*I’d have screwed the timber together rather than use the gal nails as the untreated timber will shrink and expand in the weather and the light nails will fail as they dont have a lot of holding/gripping ability”

SAM_2808 Anyway even though initially the seating measurements and the timber cuts were wrong a solution was formulated by Claire and me which enabled the project to be completed…much to the happiness of all!

Friday Libary work!!

weather 11







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