Week 7

lawn weeds


  • A weed is a plant considered undesirable in a particular situation. Examples commonly are plants unwanted in human-controlled settings, such as farm fields, gardens, lawns, and parks. Wikipedia

 Roger presented an overview of weeds, we spent time exploring the campus for weed speciesand then after lunch we all climbed to the old dam and studied the multitude of introduced species. Found some Kowhia NZ natives.


SAM_2944  SAM_2952

SAM_2956  Hemlock SAM_2957


SAM_2971 SAM_2970Wolly Mulein

SAM_2975Kowhai (two different forms)





A field visit to my section to search for weeds; conclusion was that there are plenty! As I’m not a lawn slave I’m quite happy grasses and low lying plants that make up my “lawn”. Its all low maintenance. I can hand weed most nasty stuff like marshmallow and nettles and for weeds in between pavers and concrete edging etc I use boiling water. It knocks most dead except rooted weeds but after a few goes even they give up the ghost.

SAM_3006 Fathen SAM_3005   SAM_3004  a collection of found weeds SAM_3011 SAM_3007

After lunch we traveled down to the boat club. The lake front has a lot of weeds and the shallow water has a water weed.

SAM_3023 SAM_3024 SAM_3025 SAM_3026 SAM_3027 SAM_3028 SAM_3029 willow SAM_3030 SAM_3031  Canadian PondweedSAM_3032 SAM_3033 SAM_3035 SAM_3037 SAM_3038 SAM_3039 SAM_3041

SAM_3042  Thistle SAM_3043 SAM_3044 SAM_3045 SAM_3046 SAM_3047 SAM_3048 SAM_3049 SAM_3050 SAM_3051 SAM_3052 SAM_3053 SAM_3054 SAM_3055 SAM_3056 SAM_3059

We ended up at the entrance to Rogers place at Lowburn. Lots of willow, bullrushes and thistle.

Free Apps. BASF Weed ID, iBiocontrol and Yates. Interesting but only limited in use. The Yates and the Bayer are chemical buying guides but the iBiocontrol is more interesting.



Weed busters

Hort net

Otago Regional Council


Wednesday Firearms


My Howa 1500 .223

Firearm Safety

SAM_3062 Wayne bought in a number of guns including this scoped Belgian design FN SLR which was modeled in part by the WW11 German Sturmgewehr  40. The worlds first true assault rifle.300px-Sturmgewehr_44

Thursday Propagation

Brassica information

Vegetables information

Nursery work seed traying Blue Monday – Salvia


mixed a 50/50 sand and sifted bark compost for seed trays set seeds and covered with vermiculite then placed on warming table in GH1

Spent time in GH4 weeding then picking out dead parsely leaves from the hydroponic plantings, then cleaned the hydroponic holding racks and swept up while others went and collected sheep poo.

Spent time with Jo discussing my enterprise report and how my innovation thinking is similar to how Jo sees the development of the garden area. We looked at thinking about designing a mural message for a wall ….. this is interesting stuff

SAM_3075  SAM_3076 Design needs to incorporate a number of existing Bay trees….a theme of grow and eat local in a multi-cultural inclusive sense….


Weeds, again working on our assessment. I am slowly beginning to understand a few things but my identification skills are really poor. I need to work on this.

The Weekend renovation work at home and enjoying the weather.

The Week in Weather



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