Week 10

Monday Vegetable Growing


50% or more of what we grow is wasted through being rejected by wholesalers, spoilt through transport, damaged through handling, artificial use by dates, prepared but not cooked, served but not eaten, forgotten in the fridge, forgotten in the bottom drawer, left on the bus, left in the boot of the car, dropped,kicked,played with to destruction, everything except being eaten….as for the 50% minus that is consumed …well its turned into shit and of that shit we use very little in recycling to make more of anything …… except more shit


Sea Kale…Cramble maritima, a member of the Brassicsceace family (not to be confused with the Corleone Family) DonvitoA root vegetable similar in taste to sweet potatoes, originated in China and found its way into Europe. It is very cold, pest and disease tolerant. grown from seed and or from root division. Sounds like a good vegetable for Central Otago……

The Lotus is one of a number of plants that can regulate their temperatures through a process known as Themogenesis  Thermogenic Plants Sacred_lotus_Nelumbo_nucifera

220px-Ravi_Varma-LakshmiNearly all of the Lotus can be eaten800px-JaRenkonLotus11R LotusrootsA BIG LIST OF VEGETABLES

Australian Aboriginal Foods

Maori Traditional Foods

Super Foods, Fact/Fiction/Sales Gimmick

A woman by the name of Claire came and presented a film re the great work being done by a lose group of people around Alexander….all working very hard at urban farming in one way or another….

Tuesday A written test. Not sure how well I might do but was feeling ok by the time I finished, will see what I need to study more off when my results are known.

Test results:  63.5……can do better!!

Wednesday Irrigation maintenance and repair at Bannockburn Road in the vineyard, then wire tightening. Vineyard looking good by the end of the day.

Thursday Propagation-planted my Salvia Divorum and have left them on the heat bed in GH1 for the next week or so….mixed up cubic meter of potting soil with others and seeded out many lettuces…

Friday a hungi at Bannockburn Road…..

End of Term


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