Week 13


Monday Irrigation

Waterforce Irrigation specialists

Irrigation NZ

 World Irrigation Countries = Total all irrigated land in 2010 3,263,413 sq klms

India @ 558080        sq klms

China @ 545960

US @ 223850

Australia @ 25450

NZ @ 2850

Irrigation in Viticulture

World Water Resources

400px-Earth's_water_distribution.svg“It is estimated that 70% of worldwide water use is for irrigation, with 15-35% of irrigation withdrawals being unsustainable.[6] It takes around 2,000 – 3,000 litres of water to produce enough food to satisfy one person’s daily dietary need.[7] This is a considerable amount, when compared to that required for drinking, which is between two and five litres. To produce food for the now over 7 billion people who inhabit the planet today requires the water that would fill a canal ten metres deep, 100 metres wide and 2100 kilometres long.” Wikipedia



Earth Observatory


Water Table Info

Murry Darling Authority


From river to crop; a look at the irrigation scheme






Mound Springs, Oodnadatta Track SA. Water from the Great Artesian Basin water originating from the Great Dividing Range Queensland.

mound spring

An interesting PDF on Central Otago watershed races and dams from early mining days.

Crop Coefficents, FAO site

Crop Co-effecients listings

Pressure convertor

Pump lifting maths

Irrigation Tutorials


Easy Claculator


Irrig8lite windows based irrigation calculation software

SAM_3234  we checked the irrigation flow rate on the cherries and it was a very good reading when the rate per minute plus the other input data was calculated by the software.

The week in weather



One response to “Week 13

  1. Hi Pete, The sketches are great – thanks so much! I have read through your weekly entries and all very interesting although I do tend to get diverted! keep up the good work, and look forward to seeing the completed Enterprise report soon. I can also do your Weed ID test with you in the potting shed – how about on Thursday? Cheers Jo


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