Week 15

SAM_3268 My Grevillea

The big plant sale weekend!……

Tuesday a visit to McArther Ridge vineyards..all 174 acres of it. The irrigation and frost fighting plant and equipment was very impressive in its scale and costs.

The manifold at the pump station that supplies pressurized water for both the irrigation and frost fighting systems.

The costs involved (both initial capital development and operation) are enormous. A fruit taken off of approx 1200 tonnes returns approx $2500 to $3000 per tonne = $3mill to $3.6mill.


The pump house CAT 500 and 300 horsepower diesel engines and pumps. Thats 8 engines etc in total.


The electric irrigation and fermigation pumps and self flushing filters.


And later back at Bannockburn Road a practical lesson.


Wednesday Irrigation lecture with Alex at Bannockburn Road.

Thursday Designing an irrigation system. Worked on Horace Street irrigation plan.

Friday will attempt online irrigation assessment.

One response to “Week 15

  1. Wow your plant sale video is great Pete! What a laugh seeing all those people rushing in on the Saturday. Good to see your summary of the daily activities – lots on interesting reading for me thanks! Cheers Jo


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