Week 17

Work experience week at the Herb Farmbasil

Got to the herb Farm at 9am. After a short orientation we set to work on re-working the hydroponically grown chives. This entailed us taking out the harvested chives from the grow pot, timing the excess root system, then removing the old grow pot and then cleaning all of the removed chive bunches. After cleaning out the hydroponic racks we then inserted new grow pots and then placed the cleaned and trimed bunches upright in the pots.SAM_3330

After lunch we took mint from the hydroponic flow racks and planted then into soil.

SAM_3333Tuesday Spent the day splitting the mint in halves, cleaning the racks and washing the mint to be re-potted and then re-potting them.

SAM_3332   SAM_3331

Wednesday I had a eye specialist appt so missed out on planting. Got rang up by a Cromwell freight company and asked if I was interested in driving for them….as the term break is coming up I jumped at the offer but they needed immediate start so finished the week working. Looks like I will miss out on the final term week as well but I need the work and the cash that comes with it. I will be working full-time over the next two months and then will have to decide if I can return full-time to finish the coarse. Nothing is meant to be easy!


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