37 Horace Street

Ideas, a layout section plan 1….

SAM_2732 some more ideas, this is for a sunken firepit etc at rear SAM_2740

FB the cat, I should make a page just for FB…I have no idea if its a male or female cat…FB  stands for fucking bastard, I’ve never been a cat person but Im becoming a local here in Cromwell NZ  so it figures I have to have a cat….



SAM_2739  Cherry trees and Black Currants composted with worm castings and compost mix then mulched over with peastraw…


August 26, It must be warming up..a dam blow fly has moved into my kitchen!


Spring comes to my apricot (I think thats what it is)….SAM_2894













an addition idea for east side bedroom. Schist south and half of west wall following line of driveway, double glazed return full plate west half then into double glazed opening north face wall…

I build an above ground vegetable plot….TA DAaaaaa!!! now to fill it with a good soil…












Digging up the grass was the hardest job
























My Cherry trees are in blossom….


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