Enterprise Report

SAM_2788SAM_2787SAM_2795SAM_2790SAM_2794SAM_2789SAM_2792SAM_2785SAM_2796SAM_2791SAM_2786SAM_2793SAM_2805SAM_2784SAM_2783SAM_2806SAM_2808SAM_2782Otago Polytechnic

The intro to ER….just for fun

“Innovation: the act or process of introducing new ideas and or methods “

developing further uses for the Nursery Complex as a community resource to give increased community education, involvement and innovation.

  • Design a plan model of community allotment facility in the open area between the Glass House and the hospitality building



  • Design of interpretative signs, nutritional information and growing information’s


  • An annual Art event in the glasshouse (an exhibition of invited artists to invited guests, small scale high yield), would have to be timed well (season considerations etc). Be held in the evening to give utmost dramatic lighting effect. A collaboration with the cooking and hospitality school.

BqbOffGCcAADYUY.jpg_largeA not very good example……

A sculpture garden installation to enhance existing vegetable beds and stone seating areasg1images



Organic NZ

Community garden A.

Community Allotment movement

National Allotment Society

Massey Uni Weed data base

Wall Artwork for Campus…..some ideas perhaps


SAM_3241 SAM_3240 SAM_3238 SAM_3242 SAM_3237 SAM_3243 SAM_3236

I’m toying with some of the design elements in this painting I did for Caleb…….


Some details…SAM_1656

Look at design for Nursery Propagation file Dbase. Jo has given me permission to use data from the Nursery spreadsheet.

Lily’s GH4

SAM_3169 SAM_3170 SAM_3171





















Some other plants from around the campus


SAM_3164 SAM_3165 SAM_3163 SAM_3166 SAM_3168





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