Health and Safety

SAM_3159I am increasingly concerned of the lax attitude from instructors as to Health and Safety . Health and Safety is a constant and not a single unit of instruction. From now on I am going to insist on a Health and Safety aspect of every “job” I am instructed to perform as part of my paid education experience. If I find an inadequate response I will not perform the experience.


I put this drawing up way back in my first week of study. I was alarmed by 1. the “speed” expected of students to undertake the tasks 2. and without any concern for tools and proper usage and or care of tools and people. I was neglect in not voicing my concerns then.

As for the small engine experience…..appalling

I am unsure of why this absence of thought is other than my observations that staff seem to be preoccupied in myriad other pursuits not necessarily to do with direct education. There is no excuse that can be given when an injury and or an injury that leads to death occurs that could have been avoided with a reinforced Health and Safety message/knowledge/instruction…..

From Wednesday I will ask to be informed of all Health and Safety aspects of what I am being asked to be performed prior to anything…..

ACC Link

Worksafe NZ

NASD US national AG Safety Database

Safety Awakenings  Health and Safety Videos


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